Saturday, October 23, 2010

Isaiah 4

Helpless women (v. 1)--This verse belongs with the previous chapter, being the summation of it. There will be so few men left--perhaps even literally because of the warfare that Israel would endure--that women will greatly outnumber them. Seven women will all desire one husband, somebody to take care of them. It was to be a sad circumstance indeed.

Hope in the Messianic Age (vs. 2-6)--"In that day" usually refers to the events immediately preceding but this section is so clearly Messianic that verse 1 could rightly begin "In that day when the Branch of the Lord..." The "Branch" is found in several places in the prophets referring to Christ (cf. also Is. 11: 1; Jer. 23:5; 33:15; Zech. 3:8; 6:12). The obvious import of the coming of the Messiah is spiritual blessings and holiness. Again, the "fruit of the earth" (v. 2) should be understood figuratively (spiritually) and not literally; Jesus was not a literal branch, either. The "Jerusalem" of verse 3 is the church. There will be a washing away of sin and a purging (v. 4); again, only the holy can inhabit this new Zion. As He did via a cloud and fire in the wilderness, Jehovah will lead His people through the "wilderness" of life on their way to the "promised land" of heaven (v. 5). And there will be a place of worship and refuge from the sorrows, trials, and tribulations of life (v. 6). A short chapter, but a lovely, comforting one.

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